How to lace your running shoes

I won’t claim to be an expert in running, or footwear – however yesterday I was shopping for new trainers and the girl next to me was trying on a pair of trainers. She preferred one pair over another but had problems with the heel lifting. I was able to give her a lacing tip […]



Clean Eating Challenge – End of Week 3

It’s 3 weeks now that I’ve been carefully controlling my eating, avoiding processed foods and what most people consider staple foods such as pasta, rice and bread!  Last week I sent myself a couple of goals, so here’s an update on how it’s going.


Clean Eating Challenge – End of Week 2

Two weeks into my Clean Eating Challenge and I’m still learning how best to balance my meals, and about portion control – but this week I also got my best ever beep test score, and set two new personal bests in lifting.

Clean Eating Challenge Day 9 to 14

I’ve not felt the need for daily updates in my clean eating challenge for the last few days, I’m getting far better at balancing out my 6 daily meals and hitting my macro goals. I still intend to publish full day breakdowns, but I’ll do it at the bottom of the weekly summary posts.

Forcing cURL to use DNS though SOCK5 proxy

I recently had to code a REST call to a service I could only access behind a SOCK5 proxy.  Unfortunately, the hostname of the service wasn’t publicly resolvable so the DNS had to be resolved on the other side of the proxy.  Whilst this is pobbible in cURL itself by using the CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE option and […]

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 8

This is my closest day to hit my macronutrient goals set by the CEC.  A little bit of tweaking but it seems to be getting easier.  Chicken breast seems to be helping hit protein without causing high fat content.



Clean Eating Challenge – Day 7

One week in! The second rest day of the week – yesterday I did my fitness testing that involved several one rep max lifts (1RM for short) so the muscles ache a bit and I feel I should rest.

Clean Eating Challenge – End of Week 1 4

A week into my Clean Eating Challenge and I’ve learnt a lot, and also failed in a few places too!  I’ve been pretty careful with what I eat (on and off a little, but mostly on) for the last few years anyway, but I’m taking it to a new level as a personal experiment to see […]

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Breville Blend-Active Blender Review

This little blender / juicer found its way to my kitchen today.  It’s a fantastic little kitchen gadget, so I thought I’d share a review with you.