Do not buy from Filmnight

Don’t join their rental stores atleast…

I recently joined the Epsom store and now I wish I hadn’t. They had a great deal on that for £11.99 a month ( £30 one off first payment that covers your first 3 months too) you can rent 2 movies at once and rent as many as you like a month. Unfortunatly you are still bound by the rental period, so if you return them late (1 day for new films, 2 days for everything else) then you are fined. This however is not what’s annoyed me. 10 days after signing up the shops closed completly. No advanced notice, no sign in the window, just an empty shop. On calling Filmnight they claimed they had nothing to do with it, they were simply a franchise. Well, personally, I don’t want to by dealing with a company that has such loose management over it’s stores that they don’t know atleast 10 days in advance that it’s having financial issues.

So, my advice to you, DO NOT USE FILMNIGHT. I’d also extend this to any companies that they work with, Apollo (which was the company owning my local that closed) and VidBiz.

I’ve recently joined screenselect instead, and I’m more then happy with the service.

Update: (2006-08-07)

Turns out Filmnight care enough about reputation to come along and take down the big ‘FILMNIGHT.COM’ sign from the front of the shop. They don’t care enough about it to refund me the small amount of money that they took off me. Odd.

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