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Irssi – making it beep when your nick is mentioned

Irssi by default will highlight your nickname, but that actually requires you to be looking at the screen. I wanted to make irssi beep when someone mentioned my nick, so that I didn't have to actively monitor the tab in konsole. Here's how to do it.

/set bell_beeps ON

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  1. The correct syntax is
    /set bell_beeps = ON

  2. Actually, in my irssi client, the syntax mentioned in the original post is correct. Yours gives an error.

  3. it depends if your write it directly in irssi or in the config

  4. Just what I needed, thanks

  5. Thanks! Much appreciated!

  6. I dont get it working :S My window flashes, but there is no sound.

  7. I think it is beacuse your terminal app. You probably need to turn sounds on at your terminal preferences.

  8. that sounds like you have your SSH client/terminal program set to Visual Beep. Check your settings. If you’re behind screen you’ll want to configure that too.

  9. Nice! Thanks a lot for this.

    For the people using irssi from a screen, press CTRL+A CTRL+G the enable beeping.

  10. Works like a charm. My irssi session now has 100% more cowbell. Thanks!

  11. Thanks all! This post+comments was all I that I needed to know :-)

  12. Is it possible to make it work on a tty? I run irssi on a tty terminal because I want to read IRC messages while playing a game, and I need some message notification…

  13. If all else fails, try a `modprobe pcspkr`

  14. You also will want to add “/hilight -mask yournick”

  15. If you set bell_beeps on, that does not make it beep when someone highlights you.

    It actually does something far worse. It makes the beep control code send a beep to your terminal.

  16. If it isn’t beeping check that your screen session (if you’re using one), terminal and desktop sound settings are configured correctly.
    screen “Ctrl-A :vbell off”
    gnome-terminal Edit > Profile Preferences. Check the Terminal Bell box.
    gnome alert sounds Preferences > Sound will allow you to set the sound and volume for alerts. For debugging you can send a beep manually using echo -e “\a”. Hey pookey, Termisoc says hi.

  17. Works like a charm! Thank you very much!
    It’s a little sad that IRSSI doesn’t have a complete help section, some help sections for some cmds aren’t there, so really glad there’s guys out here on the interwebz that can help! =)

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