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SymfonyCamp – Admin Generator Presentation

Symfony Camp 2008 ( symfonycamp2008 ) was good fun, even if I did have a hang over for my presentation. As promised, here is my slides and the demo setup containing sfExtJsThemePlugin - I also have an online demo that's currently working, found here:

http://www5.pookey.co.uk/farm , the dev controller is in place at http://www5.pookey.co.uk/backend_dev.php/farm

my slides are here:

The whole app can be downloaded here: htdocs.tgz. I know that it seems there's a database password in, but I've changed it since, so don't bother trying ;)

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  1. Ich habe nach meinem letzten Eintrag nicht mehr ├╝ber das Symfony Camp gebloggt: Zum einen, weil ich den Vortr├Ągen folgen wollte und zum anderen, weil ich mich abends lieber mit einem Bier in der Hand unterhalten wollte, anstatt vor dem Laptop…

  2. Hello Ian !

    I’m french and i developp with symfony a software! I would like use the plu=
    g-in sfextjsThemeplugin! I have contacted Leon, the creator, and he has giv=
    en me the Url of your blog! I have downloaded your example htdocs.tgz but i=
    have some problems : I have resolved the problem of the password but when =
    i write this URL =3D> http://localhost/htdocs/web/backend_dev.php/extbarn, =
    i have a error :=20
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in C:\wamp\www\htdocs\cache\back=
    end\dev\modules\autoExtbarn\actions\actions.class.php on line 431
    And i have seen my code file, the filter have a problem. I have erased the lign of filter and it does work! But there is noting on the screen ! Why?
    Could you send me your exemple? Because it doesn’t work! And could you expl=
    ain me the working of this plug-in?

    Thanks Ian

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