7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

I’ve been looking though my search results and I’ve seen people come to my site looking for a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge, and a 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge. I have some good news and some bad news, and then some even better news….

The good news is, if you google for a ‘7 day clean eating challenge’ you’ll find lots of results claiming to give you amazing results. The bad news however, is that you’re unlikely to change much at all in just 7 days.

It takes a calorie deficit of 3,500 to lose 1 pound of body fat.  This means that if you cut your daily intake by 500 a day for a week, you’d lose 1 lb.  Given that an average woman is meant to eat 2,000 a day – this means eating 25% less than the suggested diet for a week, for one pound of weight loss.  I’d bet that if you’re looking for a ‘Clean Eating Challenge’ or similar diet you’re looking for a larger weight loss than that.

The even better news though, is that if you’re already looking for a clean eating challenge, you’ve started your mindset in the right direction.  If you can lose 1 lb a week, for a whole month – that’s over 4 lbs.  If you lost just half that, but carried on for 3 months, you’d lose 6 lb – that’s almost half a stone in 3 months.  In a year, it would be possible to loose 2 stone, all without starving yourself and following crazy diets.

The fact is, you’ll not make huge changes in your body in 1 week.  Some crash diets will cause you to lose larger amounts of weight, perhaps through starvation or water loss, but these are not maintainable diet plans.  The weight you lost will soon come back.

Do not try to change your entire life within a week, you’ll be lining yourself up to fail.  Set yourself a longer term goal, with smaller stepping stones along the way.

I recently completed an 8 week clean eating challenge run by a group of people in Nottingham – check them out here: Clean Eating Challenge.

You can see the difference I made along with some details of what I feel are important points for success, see my post about Clean Eating Challenge – The Conclusion.

Here’s a before and after photo to show what can be achieved in just 8 weeks with a bit of hard work, without crazy dieting, and amazingly without feeling hungry.


Before and After – Clean Eating Challenge


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