Breville Active-Blend Pro / Black Review

In a previous review of the Breville Active-Blend, however since then they have released the new Active-Blend Pro.  If you’re wondering how the new VBL120 model compares to the previous model (VBL062) then this will answer your questions!  This is a fantastic blender for the price, and looks a lot smarter than it’s previous model.

The Improvements

Many of the features and functions of this blender are identical to it’s previous model.  The body of the blender is now black and looks far slicker.

Despite the lid on the previous model never leaking in my experience, the new one seems much improved (see pictures below).  Also the bottle now has a rubber grip, improving the look and feel.  The bottle is slightly smaller than those included previously, this one is 500ml vs the 600ml on the former model.

The blades and the bottles from the VBL062 (the old model) still fit in the new model, so you can use them as extras or spares if you’re upgrading.

There’s a subtle difference in the angle of the blades on the new blender – presumably this provides a better and more consistent blend.  An advantage of the Pro version is improved dry blending, which I imagine is part of this slight alteration.

How does it perform?

I am not sure how this performs compared the the Nutribullet, but at a fraction of the price it does everything I need from a blender.

On unboxing the Active-Blend, I decided to test it with some nuts, and some ice.  I was impressed – within a second the nuts were dust! The blender didn’t struggle at all with ice either, crushing it easily.

The blender is 300W, just like it’s predecessor.  It makes just about the same amount of noise, perhaps a little quieter.

The video shows it easily crushing ice, and making a fine powder from some mixed nuts.



If you already have a blender, or the previous model Active-Blend, there’s no compelling reason to upgrade.  However if you’re like me and just wanted a better looking blender that doesn’t look a little bit like a kids toy, the Breville Active-Blend Pro is available from amazon.

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