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The Breville Blend-Active Blender  found its way to my kitchen today.  It’s a fantastic little kitchen gadget, so I thought I’d share a review with you.

Update: I have also reviewed the new Breville Active-Blend Pro

I purchased the Blend-Active Family pack, which comes with 4 bottles – 2 large (600ml) and 2 small (300ml).  There are other packages available coming with different sizes and quantity of bottles.  Having 4 seemed handy to me so I paid the little bit extra for this kit.

  • VBL096 – The Family pack, 4 bottles includes (Amazon Link)
  • VBL062 – comes with 2 x 600ml bottles (Amazon link)
  • VBL075 – comes with a single 600ml bottle

Having these bottles meant I could  bin the annoying collection of protein shakers I had cluttering the cupboard!

There’s a lot of blenders on the market; large, small, some expensive and built like a tank, and cheap and fragile looking.  The Blend-Active seems to hit a nice balance of being cheap, small, but remaining powerful enough for most home users.

The Blend-Active is a 300 watt blender, which is powerful enough to blend ice.  The bottles are great – the flip lid closes very firmly so they don’t leak even when on their side in the fridge.  Having the two sizes (300ml and 600ml) in the family pack is really handy.

When you are using it to blend, the blender blades screw onto the top of the bottle, and you turn the bottle upside down and lock it into place on the base.  There isn’t multiple speeds, you simply press the button and it goes as fast as it can anyway.

Cleaning couldn’t really be much easier! Once you’re done blending you simply unscrew the blades and run them under the tap.  They are also dishwasher safe, and the bottles are BPA free.

The manual comes with some recipe ideas, all of which seem healthy and give you good inspiration to mix and match the ideas to create your own.  The manual is linked from the Breville website – so you can go and take a peek there now –

If you plan on buying one of these, I’d certainly appreciate you following this link to amazon to make your purchase.


The picture shows a juice I made as an experiment to see how well a juice lasted for 12 hours in the fridge.  The answer is…. pretty good!  It really thickened up, a little too much – so I suspect I’d want to add slightly less linseed next time.  This recipe is slightly inspired by Hayley from FoodNinja but modified to be egg free.

  • handful of blueberries
  • handful of spinach
  • 20g of linseed (I’ll add less next time)
  • 200ml of almond milk
  • 100ml of coconut water
  • a banana


I’ve now had the Breville Blend-Active blender for over a year, and it’s still going strong.  It’s used almost daily so it’s laested the test of time.

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