Huel is a nutritionally complete powered food.  When blended with water, it is designed to supply 100% of your daily food requirements.  It is not meant to replace food altogether (although some people have) but rather be a handy alternative when time is short or there’s no healthy alternative to hand.


In concept, it’s similar to Soylent, although it has a different nutritional profile, aiming for a 30/30/40 split of fat, protein and carbs.

I’ve been using it to replace breakfast and lunch during the week for a long time now, and feel it has many benefits.  I’ve tried some of the alternatives, but eventually settled on Huel, largely because they are UK based and have an active community.  That and you get a free T-Shirt with your first order!

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Why Use Huel?

I recently gave a speech about it’s benefit, which you can find here: