Huel Coffee Recipe – a fantastic mix 1

This morning I thought I’d try adding a coffee into my Huel, and I was presently surprised.

I’ve always steered clear of the idea of hot Huel – I found the thought of it quiet off-putting.   However, this morning I was feeling a little adventurous!

I was surprised at how nice it was, so I thought I’d share the recipe (if you could call it that).


Coffee Huel Recipe

Step 1:

  • 300ml water – I used room temperature water, which gave me a warm drink, I’ve not tried it with hot water yet.
  • 100g of Huel (or 101g in my case!)
  • 1 Lungo Nespresso coffee

Step 2:

Then mix, blend, shake, whichever you prefer.

Step 3:




I will be publishing more recipe posts soon.

What’s been your favorite recipe?


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One thought on “Huel Coffee Recipe – a fantastic mix

  • Lesley Harwood

    Thank you for this my one coffee a day is usually a soya milk and Almond mix, I have ordered the sample pack of Huel as I really need to try something for weight and health,