I’m still struggling to get the protein to fat balance right – it seems that almost everything high in protein is also high in fat.  I didn’t know eggs had just as much fat in as protein!

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 5

Today I tried to increase my carbs in the morning – and failed.  I’m behind on carbs today, it seems I need to find ways of increasing this real soon.  I’m also low on protein, despite eating turkey, salmon, and cream cheese today.  This is hard hard work! It’s a […]

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 4

The third day of Clean Eating Challenge.  Yesterday I got given my macros so know a little more about what I should be eating for performance.  I’m slowly getting better at compiling the days food however I’m struggling to eat enough protein without eating too much fat.

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 3

The 2nd day of the Clean Eating Challange.  Struggling to get my calorie figures high enough and seem to be eating too much fat!

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 2

Tomorrow I start a ‘Clean Eating Challenge’.     It’s run by http://www.cleaneatingchallenge.co.uk/, and aims to help educate on how to eat, an area that’s always seemed like a bit of a mine field.  It’s an 8 week course and I intend to keep all of my notes on here, partly […]

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 0

Everytime I go to make a ragu for bolognese I spend ages looking for recipes, and there’s so many different ones out there. When I do find one I like, I fail to bookmark it – so this time, I’ve made my own recipe based off many others, and decided […]

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

How can something that appears so simple be so hard! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had problems boiling rice. I’ve tried a couple of steamers, adding oil, frying the rice in butter first…. but results seemed to range. I’ve just come across an article that covers how […]

how to make perfect boiled rice