Purition – natural wholefood protein shake review

I’ve previously spent a week consuming nothing but Soylent Life (a food replacement shake), and have become a big fan of Huel in the past – however I wanted to see what else was out on the market.

I got my hands on a sample pack of Purition and was pleasantly surprised. The sample pack comes with 6 flavours, all of which I personally enjoyed, with Macadamia and Vanilla being my own favorite.

The best part of Purition in my opinion is that the flavours are real – that’s such an important point to make.  Often when you try a protein shake you can taste the flavour is due to chemicals – however when drinking Purition it’s clear that flavours are coming form real food.  There are small chunks of nuts in some, and all of them have a subtle and pleasant taste of coconut.

I am not great at recognising flavours, so I thought I’d test someone to see how well they could identify the tastes.  I offered a Macadamia and Vanilla flavour to her, and instantly she could tell there as vanilla, and fatty nuts present.

To quote Purition’s own website:


That’s simple – REAL FOOD. Much more than just a meal replacement, it’s a real food meal in a glass. There is a big difference. Traditional “meal replacements” contain lots of sugar, water, milk powder, thickeners and flavourings and some cheap chemically synthesized vitamins and minerals. They contain very few calories and the reason for this is because they contain no real food.

As you can see on the right, Purition is very low on carbs, and high in fat and protein. Depending on your goals this could be seen as a great thing. Using Purition in a recipe for over night oats (as below) will of course add plenty of carbohydrates to the mix if that’s what you’re after. I personally prefer this for pre-workout meals.

Nutritional profile: Macadamia and Vanilla

NUTRIENTS – Typical values
Energy 2082 kj
Energy 495 kcal
Fat 35 g
 saturates 8.2 g
 monounsaturated 13.5 g
 polyunsaturated 13.3 g
 trans 0 g
Carbohydrates 8.6 g
 sugars 2.6 g
Fibre 15.6 g
Protein 39.1 g
Salt 0.30 g


Purition is incredibly tasty, but comes at a higher price tag than some meal-replacement shakes.  This is justified by the use of quality real, wholefood ingredients – you can certainly taste the difference.

Personally due to the low carb content I wouldn’t advise living off Purition 24/7, but that is not a goal of the product.  It’s meant to replace just one or two meals a day as part of a balanced diet.

Overnight Oats Recipe Using Purition

Overnight oats make a fantastic breakfast, largely due to how quickly you can make them and how little mess it makes!  You can prepare a weeks worth in advance, and simply add the milk the night before and throw it into the fridge!


  • 40g Purition
  • 100g oats
  • 2 teaspoons of chia seeds
  • 300ml milk


Weight out your oats.  I use a a jar, it fits easily in the fridge and is a pleasure to eat out of, it sure beats eating out of a plastic container.

Then simply add chia seeds, and 40g of purition.

Add milk – I use whole milk but any milk or milk substitute will work just fine.

Put in the fridge over night.  It’s fine for at least 12 hours, probably longer.

The quantities above make plenty to snack on all morning, and keep you feeling full for ages!





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