Soylent Experiment Day 3 – Almost half way

After 3 days without solid food, I’m pleased to report I’m still alive!   I almost feel like the experiment so far has been a bit of an anti-climax.  I can’t say that I feel awful and that living on Soylent is a horrible idea, but I can’t say that it’s making me feel amazing and full of life.  It’s pretty much doing what solid food was doing for me – but then I guess that’s the point.

Is living on Soylent healthy?

3 days in it’s far too early to tell how it’s effecting me, however so far I’ve felt just fine.  I’ve split my Soylent into 6 daily meals, and I have found that after each shake I rarely feel satisfied.  However, I put this down to the fact that I drink it so quickly that my body just takes a while to notice it’s got fuel again.  After about 15 to 20 minutes I’m feeling satisfied, not full, but not hungry – just about perfect.  Hunger starts to kick in around the time I’m due my next meal, but that’s typical of a normal diet too.

I’ve continued my training, which is a mix between cardio, strength training, and self defence.  None of these activities seem to have suffered.  I also feel as though I’m sleeping better – before this experiment started I’d been eating badly and was having really restless sleep.  This might be a coincidence though.

I’ve had a few messages from people who are worried about me going on a ‘diet’, or living just off liquids.  When I say ‘diet’, I don’t mean it in the way it seems to be used today, I simply am referring to the way in which I eat.  I’m actually consuming more calories at the moment than I was before.  As for the concerns off living off a liquid  diet, this isn’t really a new idea.  The founder of Soylent has lived off the product for 3 months before he even opened up the project to others, having blood work done to ensure it did no damage.  There’s also a number of plans I’ve heard about since starting such as The Cambridge Plan, and Lipotrim – which started in 1987!

I’m not aware of any long term studies though, so perhaps the verdict is still out…

How do I feel?

I still can’t quite get over how much extra time I have now.  I’d got used to spending so long sorting out food.  It’s not just the cooking, it’s the shopping, preperation, eating and cleaning up after.  I think cooking a 30 minute meal most likely takes at least an hour when all’s said and done.  Then there’s lunch the following day to prepare, and I was eating 6 meals a day.  Food and food preparation had somehow infiltrated my life to the point where my evenings during the week consisted of exercise and food, and little time for anything else.

This week I’ve had so much extra time and that’s a huge bonus.

I feel ‘good’ all the time too.  No energy dips so far, no highs, no cravings for food, waking up feeling fine, going to sleep easily – everything is just fine.

So far, so good.


A photo of my fridge. Water and Soylent, apparently that’s all I need….

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