One week on Soylent

I’ve lived a week without eating anything – all I’ve had is Soylent, and I’ve survived!  Also, I had real food for the first time in a week…

The photo below is all I’ve eaten this week. I’ve had nothing but black coffee, water, and the powder below.  Not a single additional calorie from anything other than my powdered food.

The Soylent derivative I used was Futricio, a company in the Netherlands.

One week of SoylentLife - all I've consumed this week.

One week of SoylentLife – all I’ve consumed this week.

Was it hard to resist eating?

Quite simply – no, I found it pretty easy.  Soylent seemed to do a fantastic job of suppressing appetite.  At the times I did find myself hungry, it was time for my next ‘meal’ of Soylent anyway so it wasn’t a problem.

Whilst it’s not sold as a diet product, I’m sure it would work  as a great weight loss tool for some.  It’s so simple, and there’s no need for complex calorie counting.  I’d be suprised if it wasn’t significantly cheaper than similar products ‘designed’ for dieting (ie, marketed differently)

SoylentLife’s Active Blend

The nutritional breakdown of the Futricio Active Blend is near enough 60/20/20 – it’s quit different from the 40/30/30 I was trying to hit before on the Clean Eating Challenge.  Please take note that this is not the standard Futrico blend, it’s a modified one with higher calories (3000 a day).


It’s lower protein which I worry might be too low for muscle gaining, however is higher protein than the government’s recommend split of 55/34/11.

The Effects on my Health

My resting heart rate sits between 47 and 54, which whilst quite low is perfectly normal for me.  My blood pressure was 111/52 last night and 107/59 this morning – again it’s quite low but doesn’t stray far from previous readings.

My weight seems to have dropped a bit, but seeing as body weight fluctuates day to day anyway, a week isn’t long enough to conclude anything.  Body fat, whilst measured on my scales and not using calipers shows a similar trend.

My weight and body fat for a week on Soylent

My weight and body fat for a week on Soylent

Physically, I don’t seem to have lost or gained any muscle definition.


One week on Soylent – before and after


I think that if there was anything seriously bad it was doing to my health, I would have noticed it within the week.

I have felt very thirsty and dehydrated whilst on this diet, my tongue has felt a little ‘odd’.  I suspect one of two reasons for this, perhaps it’s both.  Firstly, perhaps I’m just not drinking enough – it’s easy to think that drinking 2 liters of fluid though Soylent is enough, but recommendations of total daily intake are as high as 3.7 liters.  On top of that I’m also exercising so maybe my needs are higher.  Secondly, it might be a lack of sodium.  I’m sweating whilst exercising so maybe this is causing a loss of sodium.  I’ve seen some recommendations of adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt a day so if drinking more doesn’t solve the problem I might try that.

Back to real food?

Today I ate a full meal – quite a big one at that. A ‘Gringo’ burger from Annie’s Burger Shack in Nottingham.  I also had 2 pints of ale, both on an empty (other than Soylent) stomach.  Alcohol didn’t seem to have a massively different effect, despite reading some people found it went right to their head.

Burger from Annie's Burger Shack

Burger from Annie’s Burger Shack

It was good to eat again, and this weekend was a bit of a struggle due to being around food more than I am typically during the week.  I was worried eating for the first time after a week of Soylent would be a problem.  However having a big meal didn’t really feel any different, all was fine.

What’s next?

I don’t think a week is long enough to test a diet.  I’m going to continue testing Futricio for a while longer, however may mix in normal food occasionally.  Having been so strict for a week, I think I can allow myself to eat normally once in a while and continue the experiment.

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