You should be weighing daily and here’s why

Stepping on the scales every day will help you loose weight, and keep it off.  Contrary to some people’s advise, a growing number are recommending you weigh every day.

There’s some great evidence to backup this advise too. Simply making this change may be enough to help you loose weight and keep motivated.

ws-50-1Before we being, I’d like to remind you that tracking weight alone is an awful strategy for tracking fitness .  You need to track fat percentage as well as weight to get a good picture.  Check out my article about why tracking just weight is bad.

But I’ve been told to weigh weekly…

This seems to be quite a controversial area.  Jillian Michael suggests you should step on the scales weekly, stating doing it more often could have a “negative impact on you”.  There’s a lot of hearsay in health and fitness, and unfortunately many people don’t look at, or worse, don’t understand the data.

One of the points Jullian makes is that your body weight can fluctuate huge amounts.  This is exactly the reason you should be weighing more frequently, not less frequently.

It’s not about being weight obsessed

I brush my teeth daily, and that doesn’t make me obsessed with my teeth – it simply means I’m aware of my dental health.  Weighing daily  doesn’t make you weight obsessed.  It’s not about being obsessed, it’s about being aware.

Still not convinced?

Science is on my side.  In 2013 there was a study “to examine the impact of a weight loss intervention that focused on daily self-weighing for self-monitoring as compared to a delayed control group among 91 overweight adults.”.  The conclusion states that “an intervention focusing on daily self-weighing can produce clinically significant weight loss.”. Even the NHS recommend it.  There’s plenty of other studies that conclude the same thing.  Tracking is key to change

Consistency is key

Weigh at the same time every day, under the same conditions.  If you make this part of your wake up routine this is easy.  Wake up and before getting dressed and having your morning drink step on the scales!

By way of example, have a look at my weight loss graph on my recent Huel (a powdered food replacement) and Insanity challenge

My Weight loss on Huel and Insanity

Weight loss

You can clearly see here the huge variations that happen in my weight.  What matters here is the trend, not the individual weight measurements.

How do you think you’d feel if on one week you weigh at a natural low point, but after a week of hard work weighed at a naturally high point?

There are a lot of factors that cause fluctuations in weight, such as how much you’ve had to drink, how much you’ve exercised, how much food you’ve had (and how much is still inside you!)


Make the change, it’s easy

There’s plenty of apps to track your weight.  I personally use the WS-50 scales from Withings.  The image above is a screenshot from the app.  The scales automatically log your weight and fat levels so avoid you having to write them down.  I highly recommend them, and although they are expensive they have helped me achieve my own goals.

I highly recommend you also read about how tracking weight alone is harmful before making the change to weighing daily.

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